Summer Lodge Brings the Sunshine to Longmead! The heavy November rain stayed away today as a group of volunteers from Summer Lodge Country Hotel, Evershot, came to help our regular Monday volunteers. Organised by head gardener, Mike Francis, they came armed with secateurs and hedge strimmers, ready to make use of one the two volunteer days that the company provide annually to all staff to support the community. Even better than that, they brought with them with fresh bread and a hearty veggie korma, prepared in the Summer Lodge kitchens to feed us all for the day! The team were amazing. They were keen to help tidy the garden and grounds for our fundraiser on the 30th November and they worked with such vigour that, by the time I had brought them out a mid-morning cuppa, the front garden was unrecognisable. The care, effort dedication and pride the team took in their work was astonishing and the ends results were a real credit to them Watching Longmead buzzing with people working, talking, laughing, lunching together was a real privilege – the house is here for the community and it was great to see it filled. Mondays are a great day at Longmead, our volunteers are really the heartbeat of the place and we couldn’t carry on the work we do without them. The additional boost of volunteers for the day really allowed the whole team to crack on with their autumn tasks with a sense of accomplishment. It was a really enjoyable day for all. I know that the Summer Lodge staff got a huge amount out of the day and we really want to thank their employers for setting up this forward-thinking scheme to all them to come. They are now part of the Longmead family and welcome any time. Many thanks to Dave, Clive, Bob, Des and Meg, our regular volunteers for helping make the day a success under Dave’s watchful eye. You, and all our volunteers, are awesome. If you are interested in volunteering up at the farm, regularly or adhoc, with the animals, the land, family work or administration we would love to hear from you. We are also interested in people planning a return to work or starting to work who would like to volunteer to build up their confidence or develop skills to add to a CV. Please call Sarah for a chat on 01258837960 or email