10th May 2016


Caring is all part of Longmead's history

Longmead has an interesting and varied history, having been used as a farmhouse, a reformatory for more than 80 boys (who were trained for agriculture, tailoring, shoemaking, baking and carpentry), accommodation for prisoners of war, a place to train polo horses, and the home of the Sacred Dance Ministry International. In 2001, Longmead was bequeathed to Green Pastures, a Poole based Christian healing community.
Now Longmead Community Farm has become an independent charity in its own right. It is home to a small community who look after the smallholding and the visitors with support from a variety of professional and volunteer helpers

The Longmead charity is run by trustees each of whom contribute specific business, social work, counselling, therapeutic, fund-raising and farming skills to enable Longmead to help more families gain from the benefits of time spent on a Dorset Farm.

Longmead today

A lot has changed over all the years of Longmead’s long history, and yet a great deal is still very much the same. Steeped in tradition and and Chrsitian ethos – you can just feel it…