12th May 2016

Preparing for your visit

We want to make it easy for you to stay with us

Preparing for your visit.

Going somewhere new, or meeting a group of new people can be daunting, so before families come to stay at Longmead, we usually invite them to visit us for a day or part of a day. We show them around and explain what they will be doing on a weekend visit, where they will sleep, and how the community works. They usually get to meet at least two of the people who will be working with them when they stay over.

Staying at Longmead.

Typically, families come to Longmead for 24 hours over a weekend several times over a period of months. However, we can arrange shorter or longer stays, and sometimes, just one visit is helpful by itself. A stay at Longmead provides urban families with a chance to experience a completely different pace of life on a rural smallholding. By tuning in to the rhythm of the seasons, working outside in the gardens, cooking and eating good food, caring for the animals and being part of a community way of life, family members have an opportunity to better understand and resolve their issues.

Words from a Longmead guest…

We always look forward to coming to Longmead. We are made to feel so welcome and it’s fun.