Longmead Community Farm

Longmead Community Farm

Longmead Community Farm is here to help families in crisis. Whether that’s you, someone you know or someone you work with, Longmead is a safe, supportive rural environment for learning new skills, re-kindling relationships and building the self-confidence needed to cope with the challenges of modern urban life.
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who we are

The staff and trustees who oversee Longmead, consist of a group of local people from a variety of backgrounds.

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What we do

We help our visitors to heal family relationships and build the confidence to face and overcome difficulties.

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A typical Stay

The excitement of a fresh new day. The great outdoors. Mucking in together. Creating. Peace and reflection

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Through compassion, we tend to achieve significant results, in the majority of our visitors’ and their family’s lives.

Whether that’s you, someone you know or someone you work with…

How we aim to Help

The main reason we are here is to help families in difficulty.
We're here for YOU, every step of the way

Our work with families is unique, in that we don’t 'intervene', we work alongside; befriending, helping and supporting families who visit for a day, weekend or several weekends. Working together is critical to the success of Longmead. Central to this is the willingness of families to get involved and participate in the activities, as well as being open to reflect on their individual family circumstances. Longmead is affiliated to the 'care farming' network, and its working is based on their code of practice. A visit to Longmead can result in amazing improvements in a whole range of family and social issues - we're looking forward to helping in YOUR life too…

  • Becoming a more united and mutually supportive family

  • Securing paid work for the very first time

  • It's not just mums in need of our help!

  • Reuniting or healing where hope was once lost

A few kind words...

Longmead Community Farm is registered in England as a charitable company limited by guarantee. Registered company number 06740069 | Registered charity number 1130061