12th May 2016


Discovering new interests together, through Christian values

Longmead is a community farm in more ways than one. It hopes to embody the Christian values that led to its emergence, that of trying to love others as God has loved us. We journey with families in difficulty, who come and visit and join in the rhythm of life on a smallholding. We are also a community of people who live and work together sharing a love of nature and the outdoors and a quieter simpler way of living. We are a community made up of people form a variety of walks of life volunteering our time to Longmead either full time or part-time. We hope to serve our community by offering a place that aids well-being by viewing it holistically physical, emotional and spiritual. At the heart of this is the highest regard for healthy relationships that give space for each to realise their value and encourage others similarly.

For a variety of reasons, many families have difficulties coping with the demands of life in a complex modern society with its emphasis on selfish and materialistic values. Some of these reasons include poor education and a lack of social or practical life skills. We are convinced that by providing families with an opportunity to work together in a structured agricultural environment they will discover new interests and values together with a self-confidence and fellowship that has perhaps been missing in their lives.

Respecting your personal space

We’re here to help you find your own way at Longmead – in ways that respect you – as the person God created and has never-ending hope for…

The Longmead team.