12th May 2016

Working together to help families

The main reason we are here is to help families in difficulty.

Our work with families is unique in that we don’t “intervene”, we work alongside; befriending, helping and supporting families who visit for a day, weekend or several weekends.

Part our ethos is for everyone who visits to share in helping Longmead. This involves work in the kitchen garden, helping to prepare meals, looking after the house and farm and helping to care for the animals.

Time spent at Longmead offers a peaceful and safe space where people are able to tell their stories and feel valued and accepted as they are. It may include guided support on things like parenting, healthy living, budgeting and communications skills provided by experienced family support workers. It is hoped that families will be able to reflect on how they operate and see potential and hope for the future and changes they can instigate themselves that will help their individual family.

Words from a Longmead guest

“She [about daughter] loves everything about farm life –it is peaceful and nobody bothers us here. All lovely here, like a big family.”