19th June 2018

Current Fundraising Projects

These are the current projects that we are fundraising for.

New Goat Hut

There has been trouble in the goat hut lately. Wally, Benny, Bella, Blackberry and Bonny are not impressed with the quarters and have decided they need more luxury. They’ve told us that they understand we are a charity and so up to now they have been willing to accept a little ramshackleness (is that a word??!!) with their abode, but apparently enough is enough.

Their house is falling down, well, leaning over are an alarming angle to be precise. Wally and Benny are very tall. Did you know that our goats are ‘Anglo Nubian’? If Wally and Benny decide to try and reach a high branch and jump their front legs onto a tree trunk, they are taller than we are! So a house that leans too much is not tall enough for them on one side.

Who would like to draw us a picture of an amazing goat palace? We will showcase them on our Facebook page. You can email them to: admin@longmead.org or send them in the post. I bet you’ve got some good ideas.

SO…. What do we need??

In our dreams, someone comes and delivers a brand new fantastic goat hut and our goats leap about in happiness……

When we come back down to earth we realise that our strong and resourceful band of volunteers will probably have to build it themselves, but phew, luckily they are super good at that kind of stuff!!

We need a good plan! (any carpenters out there feeling like spending a day doing us a plan to work from??) We need the right materials or the money to buy them. Our Just Giving link page is: https://www.justgiving.com/campaigns/charity/longmeadcommunityfarm/goatsneedluxurytoo