12th May 2016


Take a look at our statistics for 2015…

Our intake stats for last year, at a glance

  • ➢ 5 had children placed on the At Risk or Child in Need register.
  • ➢ 4 of them have family histories that include domestic violence.
  • ➢ 3 of the families had a history that includes anti-social behaviour
  • ➢ All of these families also had members with health problems either physical or mental

A small taste of the 7 longer-term families we worked with last year, to achieve our Outcomes.

One 13 year old child who was struggling in school and very aggressive at home – now lost 6 stone and has amazed the dietician who wants him as a poster boy, and is doing well at school and managing his behaviour as well as most children do.

One mum who has come off all her antipsychotic medication after many years and has her child taken off of the child in need register (she was formerly downgraded from being on a child protection plan), she has reduced both her use of alcohol and now rarely smokes drugs. Her daughter is doing well in school and becoming much more confident.

One mum is seeking employment after a long time out of the workforce and she is now taking classes to help her with IT skills and get her back in the workplace. She is coping with her anxiety much better and her daughter has much improved attendance in school.

One mum has accepted that she now needs extra help due to her son’s disability and is proactively seeking it. Both of her children are doing well in school and mum is coping with her own disability better using less medication.

The Longmead Effect…

Time and time again we see parents manage to relax and enjoy their children doing positive and purposeful activities together at Longmead- parents who are suffering form anxiety, depression, suicidal tendencies etc – we soon see their shoulders relax and them starting to trust people here and feel their is some hope for them and their family. 

One mum who had visited twice this summer then sent us a card thanking us part of what she said was: ‘your kindness is overwhelming and we love the peace and tranquility…’. Another texted to say ‘ Longmead makes an incredible difference to my family when no-one else is listening or supporting us’. One boy said ‘Longmead is love…’. Another boy asked ‘why do you like me, why do you care?’

Love is at the heart of transformation…

Longmead is also a special place for the many volunteers who come and dedicate so much hard work (some of these are former parents who came with their children). Currently we have about 40 volunteers working with families or behind the scenes making the work possible.

They also sometimes send cards and express their love of Longmead such as a recent card we got ‘ I feel so privileged to be a part of your family here at Longmead… I always feel valued which means a great deal to me…Longmead is a lovely place to rest, away from what can be trying times with home and work…’ – this from a volunteer who works tirelessly when at Longmead 🙂
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